Have a Meal or Snack Waiting

You know that Rehoboth Beach is a culinary delight.  In fact, you’ve likely been daydreaming about your favorite meal or snack as you plan your trip to the shore. We want to help you enjoy that special treat first thing!  We work with the best restaurants and food establishments in the area to identify meals and snacks that “travel well” to ensure your in-home dining experience is relaxed, easy, and most of all delicious. Use the form below to tell us what local delicacy you’ve been dreaming of (whether it’s a deli sandwich, a tasty sweet treat, or a full entree) and we’ll do our best to have it waiting for you.

Big Fish Grill

We’ve partnered with Big Fish Grill on Coastal Highway and are able to bring anything from their menu (lunch or dinner) to your home to eat when you arrive or reheat for later.  They also have incredible bakery and dessert selections that can be delivered as well. Just let us know what Big Fish meal you are craving and we’ll do the rest.

Pastries and Morning Delights

We’re partial to Pasqualini’s Bakery and The Point Coffee Shop & Bakery for those fresh-baked goods and morning treats, but can shop at your favorite spot just as easily.  Make sure your breakfast is waiting for you so you can sit back and relax after your long drive.

Sandwiches and Other Light Lunch Options

Are you a fan of Frank and Louie’s?  Grandpa Macs? Lori’s Cafe? We are, too! We can shop at these great locations, or your favorite spot to have lunch waiting for you.  

A Sweet Treat

Do you have a hankering for something sweet or do you want to treat your guests to your favorite confection?  Thinking of a caramel apple from Kilwin’s? Caramel popcorn from Fisher’s? Taffy from Dolles? Or that delicious treat from Ibach’s?  Whatever you’re craving, we’ll have it waiting for you on your arrival.

Use this form to let us know what meal or snack you’d like waiting for you when you arrive to your vacation home!

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