Fill My Fridge & Pantry

Shopping at Rehoboth’s finest local culinary merchants, we’ve put together several wonderful meal packages to cook at home.  Select from one of our gourmet meal packages described here and/or use the form below to draft your grocery list, and leave the rest to us. We’ll save you the trouble of fighting the grocery store crush that has become part of many Eastern Shore vacations.

Leave us your grocery list, and, if you have a preference, tell us where you’d like us to shop.  Then arrive worry-free knowing your refrigerator and pantry will be well stocked for you!

Steak Dinner

We’ll have all the fixings for that perfect steak dinner.  We’ll shop at a local butcher shop to get you the best cut of steak. We’ll bring along the freshest vegetables (from a local farmers market when in season) and crusty bread from a local bakery.  Use the form below to tell us the number and cut of beef you want and your vegetable selection. Let us know, also, if you have any seasoning preference, and we’ll deliver it all in time for your arrival.

Seafood Dinner

Are you craving a fresh lobster?  How about shrimp? Or maybe you’re a foodie who wants to prepare salmon or another fresh fish selection.  We’ll bring your favorite fish to your home, from the area’s best seafood providers, along with your choice of side ingredients, from a local farmer’s market when in season, and the freshest available in the off season.  Just use the form below to pass along your seafood selection and then relax, knowing you or your guests will be cooking their favorite seafood delights!


Rehoboth Beach has a number of specialty Italian markets. We’ll shop locally to bring you the freshest ingredients, so you can cook a delicious Italian dinner at home. Fresh house-made pasta, sauce selection of your choice, crusty bread, salad fixings, and a delectable dessert made locally with you in mind. Use the form below to tell us just what you’d like.

Crab Feast – $226

This selection includes all you need for that decidedly Eastern Shore crab feast!  A crab pot, 4 mallets, 2 crackers, 4 crab picks/forks, Old Bay Seasoning, vinegar, butter for dipping, 4 bibs, a disposable red checkered tablecloth, a crab-themed dish towel, and a $65 gift card from a local crab house for those fresh live crabs for steaming.

Crab Feast Alternative – $162

If you’re more inclined to skip the cooking and get straight to picking, this alternative is the one for you.  This selection includes a $65 gift card to purchase pre-cooked crabs, 4 mallets, 2 crab crackers, 4 crab pickers/forks, a disposable red checkered tablecloth, a crab-themed dish towel, butter for dipping, and 4 bibs.

Shop for my Groceries

We don’t want you or your guests to spend precious vacation time fighting the grocery store challenge.  Let us do all your grocery shopping for you.  We’ll hand pick items based on your customized list.  If you’d like, we can send you a master grocery list to work from.  Alternatively, just use the form below to draft your grocery list, and relax knowing your fridge and pantry will be stocked for you on your arrival.

Use the form below to provide details on your gourmet meal selections and/or give us your grocery list — then relax!