Delight My Guests

We want to help you delight your guests by having welcome gifts made especially with each guest in mind.  We have a few ideas ready to go, but you can use the form below to specify a customized welcome gift and we’ll pull it together for you and have it waiting to surprise and delight.

A Slice of Rehoboth

This basket is sure to delight seasoned Rehoboth Beach vacationers and introduce the magic that is Rehoboth to new visitors, as well.  We’ve pulled together gifts from some of the most iconic Rehoboth Beach merchants to welcome your guests and help get them in the mood for that perfect beach holiday (this basket can be modified to highlight Lewes, Dewey and Bethany Beaches upon request).

Dogfish Head Delights – $100

Dogfish Head has been brewing, cooking, selling and talking everything beer since 1995, right here in Rehoboth Beach.  The Dogfish Head brand has a huge fan base and has become a destination in and of itself in Rehoboth. Delight your guests (or yourself) with this gift of everything Dogfish. This gift contains:

Happy Bartender bottle opener, 32-ounce aluminum growler/water bottle, a bar of beer soap and a bar of beer shampoo (these are provided to guests at the Dogfish Inn in Lewes), set of two Dogfish Head logo coasters, a Dogfish Head logo pint glass, an oval Dogfish sticker, and a $25 Dogfish Head gift card, good at any area Dogfish establishment.

Welcome the Kids

Let us help you welcome the smallest members of the family by having an age-appropriate welcome basket full of delights. Let us know the child(ren)’s age and whether you would like the gifts to lean toward traditionally boy or girl toys or a combination. The little ones will surely be thrilled to find a basket of treats in their vacation rooms to welcome them.

Foodie Fun

Will you have a real or aspiring foodie visiting? Let us surprise them with a culinary potpourri! We’ll pull together our favorite morsels and cook-related accessories from Rehoboth Beach, or we’ll take your lead on how to best welcome the chef (or chef wanna be) in your life.

Crab Feast – $226

This selection includes all you need for that decidedly Eastern Shore crab feast!  A crab pot, 4 mallets, 2 crackers, 4 crab picks/forks, Old Bay Seasoning, vinegar, butter for dipping, 4 bibs, a disposable red checkered tablecloth, a crab-themed dish towel, and a $65 gift card from a local crab house for those fresh live crabs for steaming.

Crab Feast Alternate – $162

If you’re more inclined to skip the cooking and get straight to picking, this alternative is the one for you.  This selection includes a $65 gift card to purchase pre-cooked crabs, 4 mallets, 2 crackers, 4 crab pickers/forks, a disposable red checkered tablecloth, a crab-themed dish towel, butter for dipping, and 4 bibs.

A Starbucks Morning – $123

For those Starbucks fans, we’ve got a special treat.  This basket to delight any Starbucks enthusiast includes:

A Starbucks “Delaware” coffee mug, a $20 Starbucks gift card, a 16 ounce bag of Starbucks’ “Sumatra Dark Roast” coffee beans (or your choice), a 16 ounce Starbucks ceramic travel container, Starbucks “Via Instant” iced coffee packets, and Starbucks Dark Chocolate covered Espresso Beans for that sweet coffee treat.

Use the form below to choose from our specialty welcome baskets or tell us what you’d rather find waiting to delight your guests.

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